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FIFA has confirmed that it is”closely monitoring” the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) following the resignation of its president, following racist abuse throughout England’s match on Monday night.
Borislav Mihaylov’s resignation came hours after the nation’s sports ministry said that the Bulgarian prime minister ordered him to resign.
It was promised before Mihaylov departed his role, the government would suspend all funds and relations with the BFU.
FIFA laws prohibit any government interference.
Article 19.1 of the FIFA Statutes says:”Each member association will handle its affairs independently and without influence from a third party”
A FIFA spokesperson told Sky Sports News:”We are carefully monitoring the situation”.
FIFA has yet to launch a formal investigation into the BFU, which hasn’t commented after Mihaylov’s resignation, if it is established they broke the legislation of the game, however, it risks suspension from planet football.
In 2015, FIFA suspended the Football Association following government interference and they have threatened associations such as the Greece FA, Spanish Football Federation, fellow FA and Ghana FA.
Kuwait Football Association, Even the Cameroon Football Federation, Benin FA and Sierra Leone FA also have been banned in the sport interference.
Bulgaria’s sports minister Krasen Kralev mentioned on Tuesday:”The prime minister phoned me a short time back. You know that the government has really done a great deal for Bulgarian football’s evolution in the past four years.
“But after the current events, having in mind the entire nation of soccer and also last night’s incidents, the prime minister has ordered me out of now to suspend some relations with all the BFU, including fiscal ones, before the resignation of Borislav Mihaylov.”

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